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The latest in OLED display technology provides never before seen visuals in a format that will enable creative new displays designs. Learn more about the future of displays and how OLED will ater the future of your cabinet designs.

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OCTOBER 10-13, 2022
BOOTH 2020
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27" and 48" OLED Displays

27" and 48" OLED Displays at G2E

D&T will showcase both 27" and 48” OLED Displays at G2E 2022. OLED Displays use organic light-emitting film behind their LCD cell. This film is both lightweight and flexible, enabling never before seen design capabilities. The technology provides a higher contrast ratio and greater color saturation. Beyond their new design capabilities and improved images, OLED displays use fewer materials to produce and less energy to operate. Lower your cabinet’s environmental impact during operation and end of life!

Improved Visuals with OLED

Higher contrast and brightness, greather color saturation and rage, wider viewing angles, and faster refresh rates contribute to better images than typical displays.

Decrease your Environmental Impact

OLED displays contain fewer rare earth minerals, and fewer materials overall in their composition. Lower waste is produced during the display's end of life. Energy use is significantly less than LED backlit displays, and operating at lower temperatures will lower demands on HVAC systems in the casinos where they are used.

Flexible Design

The ultra-thin design and flexible nature of the materials used in OLED displays enables them to be curved, folded, and embedded onto surfaces that you may not even be able to imagine today!

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