Charging technology and hardware for

Energy storage solutions for a world with ever increasing power requirements.

It started with a challenge

D&T became involved in charging technology when a partner developed an e-bike for delivery service. Knowing D&T's extensive background in power management technology for displays and medical grade hardware, their development challenge was presented. In order to enable charging anywhere, they required an on-board charging system integrated with the battery pack. Furthermore, in order to reduce down time while charging, it needed to be capable of charging faster than existing technologies.

The result

The charging system achieved a complete charge starting from 1% in under 30 minutes. With its lightweight aluminum construction and weather-proof design, the system enables agile operation in all conditions. With the quick charger integrated in the battery pack, down-time is minimized with the ability to charge quickly and on-the-go.

The future

Power management and charging become increasingly important as more mobile devices and electronic hardware become more pervasive in society. Whether you're developing an e-bike charger or need integrated charging in your slot machine's button deck display, D&T is capable of developing the hardware you need.

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