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Create dynamic deco contents and enable new interactive gameplay areas with LED Tile Deco Displays!

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58.4" and 27" LED Tile Deco Displays

Solid colour deco effects are boring. Excite players with Deco Graphics on LED Tiles!

LED deco lighting effects are the same for every display and cabinet. You can change the light diffuser type and material, but you're still left with basic solid lighting effects. Adding LED tiles to you cabinet takes extra time and careful handling.

Unlimited cabinet configurations

Current cabinet designs integrate LED tiles into the cabinet structure. This requires multiple cabinets achieve a visual impression. The tiles serve as a graphical border between cabinets. Cabinet assembly becomes complicated and costly, and to achieve a visual impression, multiple cabinets are required. With D&T's LED Tile Deco Displays, the Tiles are part of the display. Now, even a single cabinet a becomes a stunning visual display!

Use for deco graphics or unique gameplay areas

Not only can the tiles be used for graphic accents to a game, but they can also become unique gameplay areas.

Main Panel Size
Proofs of concept use 27" and 58.4" panels
Main Panel Resolution
1920 x 1080 (27") & 1080 x 3840 (58.4")
LED Tile Dimension
80mm width
LED Tile Pitch
Concepts use tiles with a 2mm pixel pitch.

The above specifications are for proof of concept only. Production model could differ from above.

Video of 27" LED Tile Display in Action

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