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OCTOBER 10-13, 2022
BOOTH 2020
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49" J and P-Curved Displays

49" J and P-Curved Displays at G2E

D&T will showcase both 49” J and P Curved Displays at G2E 2022. We can provide a range of curvatures and sizes to satisfy your creative visions and game concepts.

Why Curved Displays?

Curved displays provide a unique and more engaging canvas for your game and graphics. The curved surface draws players into the game, making them feel closer to the action. Seated in front of a curved display, looking up or to the sides, the player is surrounded by exciting visuals. Curved displays can enhance both the experience and visibility of your games. Furthermore, curved displays give a sense of elegance and luxury that typical flat displays cannot match.

Gaming Cabinets and More!

Curved displays are also a unique way to enhance the visual contents and interactivity on signage and kiosks. As OLED technology advances and improves, keep an eye out for new curvatures and creative designs from D&T!

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