Curved Displays

Curved displays are an increasing trend in a range of industries. Once a premium technology for the television and e-gaming industries, curved displays are becoming more common in signage markets and beyond. The only limit to future display designs is your imagination.


Improved Viewing Angle

Curved displays provide a wider viewing angle as the closest and furthest most edges of the screen are shifted closer to the viewer's eyes. You no longer have to be sitting in the "sweet spot" to enjoy the full effect of the on-screen images.

Curved Displays Improved Viewing Angle.png

Decreased Reflections

Convex displays cut down on ambient reflections from the sides by shielding the screen partially. With less ambient light hitting the surface of the screen, other aspects such as colour accuracy and contrast ratio are also improved. 

Banner 4.jpg
D&T D and T curved signage display concept in subway car.jpg

Natural Integration

Curved displays fit more naturally into locations where space may be limited, or when mounted in uncommon positions. Compared to flat displays they offer better visibility at a distance or uncommon angles.

Banner 7.jpg
Curved Screen Slots 1790px.jpg

Replace outdated technology

Curved displays can be used to replicate and replace pre-existing technology. They offer more stunning and engaging visuals, and enable creative and unique design implementations.